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Over the years, my historic collection has been featured many times on television and in print. Click the links below to watch the news coverage and read the various articles written about my collection.




ABC7 - Sports Illustrated collection in NJ

CNBC - The SI King and his Collection

ABC NEWS - The Sports Illustrated Autograph King




BECKETT SPORTS CARD MONTHLY February, 2014 Online & Print

"The King and S.I." details the story of my historic collection.



NY DAILY NEWS October 7, 2013 Online & Print

"He's the S.I.'s all-time cover guy" tells of my continued quest for the mystery Sports Illustrated cover models.



MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE June 19, 2013 Online & Print

"Death beats collector in search for SI model" tells of the sad ending to my 20 year search for 1960 SI cover girl Dolores Greer.




LA TIMES July 18, 2013 Online & Print

"Sad coda to man's quest" is the follow up article from 2 days prior on my search for the fashion model, finally identified as Dolores Greer. Sadly she passed away on the day I was interviewed for the article.




LA TIMES July 16, 2013 Online & Print

"She's Like no other cover". Reports on how I've spent over 20 years searching for the identity of an unnamed 1960's model who graced the cover for a fashion article.


NEW YORK POST November 10, 2009 Online & Print
"$igning Off on SI Covers" A super collector who, over the last three decades, has amassed 2,584 signed copies of Sports Illustrated


NORTH JERSEY BERGEN RECORD November 8, 2009 Online & Print
"Autograph Hound Cashing In" Scott Smith is the pragmatic dad, looking to guarantee his own kids’ future with a $2 million payday.



PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS November 2, 2009 Online & Print
"Going Once... "Looking for an early Christmas gift for the sports fan who has everything?



HERALD NEWS June 29, 2008 Online & Print
"The best sports COVER-age" No one tops the Sports Illustrated collection of the 'SI King'



SPORTS ILLUSTRATED November 10, 2003 page 91
“The Cover Story”. SI’s 50th Anniversary Issue featured all of its covers dating back to 1954 and documents my collection of signed ones.



SPORTS ILLUSTRATED January 21, 2002 pages 57-58
“The SI Jinx”. I helped SI staff writers Albert Chen and Tim Smith write about the infamous SI Jinx story by interviewing over 200 cover subjects from the 50’s through the 70’s. Since I had all of their addresses from 20 + years of research, I had SI hire me in lieu of giving them my little black book.



SPORTS ILLUSTRATED August 24, 1987 page 6
“Letter to the Editor”. My first appearance in SI. I didn’t even write the letter. I was interviewed by phone by a staff writer but it was transcribed as if I wrote to the editor. Either way, it eventually helped me nail President Reagan. Nice picture of me with my collection.



SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: THE COVERS, Coffee Table Book. 2002 page 7
SI’s 50th Anniversary "Covers" book featured all of its covers dating back to 1954 and documents my collection of signed ones.


THE BERGEN RECORD June 22, 2002 page S-2
This feature cover story tells of my collection and my desire to potentially sell it at the time to raise as much money as possible for the future and security of my children and family. I never sold it and continue with the collection.



THE BERGEN RECORD July 14, 1987 page C-5
Photo of me rackin’ Muhammad Ali for 30 in a row outside Elaine’s restaurant in New York City.


THE BERGEN RECORD March 29, 1987 page A-29
Sports Page cover story on my historic collection. Tells of how I started and how I become the biggest collector in the tri state area.


Great article about the collection and how I run around doing my thing.



Another great article detailing my collection.


SPORTS COLLECTORS DIGEST November 30, 1990 page 230
Awesome article written by Mike Jerchower about my collection.


Nice story about my collection.




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